Memories and My Mother's Dementia

Image of Memories and My Mother's Dementia



Pastel on pastel paper in black metal frame with UV protective glass, wired for hanging, 29 1/2” wide x 24” high

When I created “Memories and My Mother’s Dementia” in 2010 I knew it was an important work, but I didn’t realize that it was about the future. When I brought Charlie—see Charlie’s story—into harmony with the dementia I was, unconsciously, creating a blueprint for what dementia and harmony would look like with my mother. She is happy, loves animals, especially cats, and has a life at NewBridge. My mother may live in a Memory unit, but she remembers plenty, and not just the long ago past.

Recently I took her to a family bat mitzvah. Two days later she remembered that there was another girl who was also having her bat mitzvah, and told me how it felt to be back at Temple Israel of Boston. My mother asks me how my art work is going, speaks Spanish, and can recite – with a little help - the candlelighting blessing, the blessing over the grape juice, and the blessing over the “challey.”